Desarrollo de aplicación web para toma de decisiones clínicas

The Spanish Association of Internal Medicine (FESEMI) in partnership with Zonsai IT Solutions have developed SAF APP, an advanced web application aimed at revolutionizing decision-making in the clinical field, specifically to improve the clinical management of complex cases of pregnancy and thrombosis, which may be related to Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS). This tool is specifically designed for doctors and healthcare professionals, providing data-driven analysis and statistics to optimize patient treatment.

Project definition

SAF APP arises from the need to integrate technology into internal medicine to improve treatment outcomes. Through a personalized approach and the implementation of advanced technologies, Zonsai IT Solutions has created an application that stands out for its “Treatment Assistant” functionality, which offers treatment recommendations based on the in-depth analysis of clinical indicators and statistics from previous patients.


Web Application Development

The innovative aspect of this application is its ability to analyze pregnancy and thrombosis follow-ups from various patients, provided by their healthcare professionals, to generate vital statistics that are updated with each new case added. These statistics include a multitude of indicators from the follow-ups and display the results based on evaluation indicators.

Treatment Assistant

The key functionality “Treatment Assistant” of SAF APP uses these data to provide doctors with a comparative analysis of the evaluation indicators of current pregnancies and/or thrombosis against previous cases that share tracking indicators. This comparison facilitates the visualization of the effectiveness of different treatments, allowing doctors to make informed and personalized decisions for each patient, which potentially improves treatment outcomes and patient safety during pregnancy and in the face of thrombosis risks.

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