Informe lucro cesante

Web Design for Loss of Earnings Claim Consultancy

Informe Lucro Cesante is an expert firm in economic analysis for loss of earnings cases, focusing on offering accurate reports for judicial processes. They specialize in providing a detailed and reliable analysis of economic damages to support their clients in legal proceedings, thus optimizing the management of claims for damages and losses, both in civil, labor, and criminal contexts.

Project Definition

Informe Lucro Cesante enlisted Zonsai IT Solutions to create a robust WordPress website, taking advantage of the Digital Kit subsidy. The project aimed to present their specialized services clearly and professionally, highlighting their focus on detailed economic analysis for judicial claims.


WordPress Design

After completing the design, the focus was on user experience to create a corporate WordPress site that emphasizes the brand values and seeks to facilitate interaction through forms and phone contacts.

The site is mobile-responsive, ensuring security and efficiency in loading.

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