How can we help?

We are clear and transparent and here to help answer any questions you might have.

How much will my website project cost?

We make customised projects. The price depends on a multitude factors, including the necessary functionalities, the number of pages and elements, or the content volume. Before giving you a quote, we either conduct an initial meeting to understand your needs and work out the project scope, or you can provide us with a document defining the different functions and a sitemap with the pages required.

What budget size do you usually work with?

We work on all types of project sizes, from small websites starting at €2,000, to much larger projects.

I need to make some changes to a website that you made for me, how much will it cost?

Usually, after a website goes into production, any type of additional tasks are contracted on a time block basis. Time blocks can be as large or small as needed, and their price depends on the amount of time contracted. The necessary tasks are recorded and deducted from the contracted time block.

I need some changes made to a website that you HAVEN’T made, how much will it cost me?

For websites that we haven’t made, we’ll need to make an audit of the website before resolving any issues. In that audit, we’ll identify the issues and offer a solution to resolve them, usually by means of opening up an hour block pool.

What are the payment terms?

In a standard project, 30% is paid at the beginning of the project, 30% with the delivery of the design, and 40% with the start-up of the project. Time blocks are paid in advance, before starting the tasks.

How do we start a project?

  1. Write to us via the contact form to schedule an initial video call. We can use this conversation to define the project scope and set its objectives.
  2. After the video call, we’ll prepare a written proposal that will include a definition of the project scope and a budget, which we’ll need you to review and approve.
  3. Once the document is signed, we’ll send you an initial invoice for 30% of the project before getting down to work.
  4. Once we receive the payment, we’ll schedule the initial work meeting.

Who will work on my project?

At Zonsai, we have an extensive network of professionals with various years of experience in their respective fields that we regularly collaborate with. Zonsai will work with them to ensure professional work and smooth communication throughout the project.

How soon will you be able to get started with my project?

This depends on the complexity of the project and the availability of the development team. In the initial technical proposal, we’ll give you an estimate of project times.

Will you show me how to manage my website?

Our customers often want to manage their website by themselves so that they can modify content as needed. After production, we can provide a training session to help you learn everything you need to know about how to change website content.

What is WordPress?

Many of our websites are made with WordPress. WordPress is a free licensed CMS or content manager, and by far the most-used CMS in the world. It’s estimated that more than 40% of all websites are made with WordPress. WordPress provides a very intuitive administration panel and has numerous plugins that solve some very common functionalities (which don’t need to be custom developed).

Do you also do graphic design work?

Yes, our web designers can also do graphic design, corporate identity development and editorial work.

I need a logo for my website, but I don’t want a big brand identity studio. Can you help us with this?

Of course. We can make your website following a style manual, or design a new style for your project. If necessary, we can create a new logo and then develop the style of the website based off this.

I already have a design, I only need a development team. Can you make a website with a given design?

Yes we can, although we’ll need to see the design beforehand to give you an estimate of how much the development will cost.

I don’t have time to write the texts for my website. Can you help me with this?

Yes. Copywriting can take up a lot of time and money, but we can provide professional copywriting services for you.

I need to translate my website. Can you help me with this?

Yes. The price of the translation will depend on the number of words and the desired languages. Less common languages in the Western world (Chinese, Arabic…) are more expensive than other more common languages (English, French…)

Can you work on the SEO/SEM for my website?

Our basic projects include essential SEO that provides everything you need for good positioning in search engines. Zonsai is an expert first and foremost in building websites, rather than digital marketing and conversion.
As such, if you wish to carry out recurring SEO or SEM work to try and improve your website visitor numbers, we’ll recommend specialist digital marketing companies that can work on the websites we’ve built for you.

Do you offer hosting services?

Yes, we can manage your web hosting with OVH and AMAZON servers. Contact us for more information about our systems plans.

Do I need to host my website on Zonsai servers?

Not at all. We can put your project on your server. All we need is the logins or to coordinate with your company’s IT staff.

What if I need to make changes to my website after production?

Contact us and tell us what you need. If the changes are small updates, we can open up a time block and find the solutions. If it’s a big change, we’ll treat it as a second phase of the project and give you a technical proposal, timeline and closed quote.

Should I update plug-ins and templates on my website?

Updating WordPress, your website template or plugins could cause the website to stop working. We only recommend updating after you have read and understood the changes involved in the upgrade.
When you want to upgrade, it’s best to contact us, or another specialist, who can implement the upgrades in a secure test environment where any problems with the upgrades will be detected before the upgrades are carried out directly on the website production server.