How do we ensure extraordinary results?

We follow a flexible process that can be adapted to the needs of each customer. You might have already performed a web strategy analysis, or may even already have the designs created and now only need to build it.

We can adapt to your needs

This would be a complete process

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    We learn everything we can about your activity and users.

    Initial contact

    Every project with a new client starts with a call where we meet and you explain your project, its requirements and current and future objectives. We estimate the scope of the project and recommend the best course of action based on the budget you want to allocate to it.

    Proposal and budget

    With the information from this initial call, we’ll create a document defining the project scope, schedule and budget. We’ll then send this to you to review before completing it. With this signed document, we’ll be able to begin the strategy phase.

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    We align with your project to ensure its success.

    First technical meeting

    We’ll go over the following topics:

    • Defining the tools and communication channels that we’ll use throughout the project.
    • Analysing and understanding the company or brand, its identity and its assets.
    • Analysing and understanding the objectives of the website, the flow of users, etc.
    • Analysing user tastes and concerns
    • Brainstorming website aesthetics with the customer

    Information architecture, tags and URLs

    In this phase, we’ll make a site map. We’ll determine which entities (CRUDs) will exist and plot the desired customer navigation on the website. We’ll identify the main types of visitors and determine how to guide them through the content in an intuitive way so that they reach the information or target destination. We’ll make a list of the URL structure and compare it with that of your current website to define the necessary redirects, ensuring the website doesn’t suffer any loss of positioning in search engines.

    Content strategy and creative plan

    To create a design that helps you stand out, we first need to know what content we have already and what content we need to generate. With this information, we can look at the planning of creative content. Or in other words, imagining where and how each element should be incorporated and devising animations or interaction effects to make the website stand out.

    Copywriting and messages

    In this phase, we aim to create a marketing story for your target customers and apply an integrated narrative structure within the web browsing objectives. To do this, our copywriters will help you create texts and messages.

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    We create balanced designs adapted to the defined strategy

    Wireframes usability (UX)

    With the project fully planned, it’s time to get down to business. The design phase begins with the usability schemes in which it will be defined how the contents and visual elements will be structured, as well as the navigation elements in different resolutions.

    Generation of graphic resources

    The website will have a clear graphic style and we’ll generate all the necessary visual resources to include on the website. This can include graphics, infographics, photo editing, video editing, 3D renderings…

    Final designs

    Based on the usability schemes and using the graphic resources we’ve generated, we’ll create the final designs for each of the website pages. In this phase, we’ll adapt the defined graphic style to the web environment, taking into account criteria such as accessibility and loading speed and striving for a design that attracts attention and connects with the target audience. At the end of this phase, we’ll have the visual appearance of the website completely defined.

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    We put the pieces together to make the project a reality


    With the website completely defined and designed, it’s now time to build it. To do so, we’ll bring the designs to the website with absolute precision and configure the content manager with the necessary modules and components to carry it out.

    Customised programming

    Some projects require something even more made to measure. Certain functionalities within a website need to be custom programmed by our programming team and integrated within the platform. But don’t worry, the sky’s the limit, because we can do it all.

    On-page SEO

    The websites we build are perfectly designed for successful search engine positioning. When building the websites, we take into account the following actions to improve SEO:

    • Standard On-Page SEO (Meta Tags, etc)
    • XML sitemaps
    • OpenGraph
    • txt
    • URL redirects
    • Correct
    • BEM Naming
    • Dynamic Meta Data (Synced via CMS Inputs)

    Content loading

    Content loading sometimes needs to be automated through database programming. This helps us work with large volumes of information in a short period of time.

    Quality and implementation

    We make sure that the website works correctly on devices with different resolutions, operating systems and browsers. With your final approval, we’ll take the website to the production server. From this moment on, users will be able to enjoy your new website.

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    We're there to accompany you and support your project


    You may want to make changes to your website yourself, and we can provide training sessions or tutorials that give you the power to do so.


    Website need to grow along with their parent companies. Sometimes, big changes will be needed, with new features, modules or updates. And we’ll be there to help you through this, with the option to contract maintenance hours.

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