Web design for an international research network dedicated to promoting healthy habits

Edufisaludable is an international research network dedicated to promoting healthy habits among young people and adolescents through physical education. Their main goal is to create synergies among different research groups to develop projects that generate scientific knowledge and design effective interventions in the educational field.

Project definition

Edufisaludable collaborated with Zonsai IT Solutions, experts in using WordPress as a CMS, to create a website that reflects their commitment to improving healthy habits through physical education. The purpose was to clearly and effectively present their mission, research projects, and resources available for teachers and educators, conveying a professional and accessible image.


WordPress Website

The result was a corporate WordPress website that highlights the importance of physical education in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Special attention was given to the user experience to facilitate access to educational resources, research, and recommendations for the educational community.

The design is responsive to ensure optimal viewing on mobile devices, and advanced security measures were implemented, along with loading optimization strategies to enhance the user experience.

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