CPIFP Los Enlaces

Web Design for Vocational Training Center in Zaragoza

CPIFP Los Enlaces is a vocational training center specialized in providing comprehensive and up-to-date education in fields such as Information Technology and Communications, Commerce and Marketing, and Image and Sound. They are dedicated to preparing students for their professional future through innovative programs that include dual training, bilingual education, and access to international projects like Erasmus. With a focus on adaptability and collaboration with over 1,300 companies, CPIFP Los Enlaces strives to ensure that its students not only acquire technical knowledge but also develop practical skills and an entrepreneurial mindset, thus facilitating their integration into the labor market and contributing to the innovation and technology ecosystem.

Project Definition

CPIFP Los Enlaces partnered with Zonsai IT Solutions, recognized experts in managing WordPress as a content management system, to create an institutional website that reflects its commitment to quality education. The goal was to structure a digital platform that would highlight its extensive catalog of training cycles in a clear and accessible manner, aiming not only to convey an image of professionalism but also of innovation and adaptability to the current needs of the labor and technological market.

This web project was designed to facilitate access for students, families, and collaborating companies to relevant information about programs, innovation projects, and collaboration opportunities with the center.


WordPress Design

After defining the design with a focus on user experience, a corporate website in WordPress was developed for CPIFP Los Enlaces, highlighting the values and identity of the institution. The design is oriented to facilitate user interaction, whether through contact forms or phone calls, promoting effective communication with potential students, families, and collaborating companies.

The website is optimized for mobile devices, ensuring smooth and accessible navigation from any device. In addition, advanced security measures and load optimization techniques have been implemented to enhance the user experience and ensure data protection.

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